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What is new in the latest release?

Briefery New Version 2.4 is Now Available for Download

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We are excited to announce the release of Briefery version 2.3.Now you can instantly collect data through any process in your business, analyze the metrics against your KPIs and identify and fix any anomalies, bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your processes.


Here is a partial list of additions and fixes we have done:


Feature – Clour coding for past due tasks (SLA not met)

Feature – Added more sort options in mobile and web versions

Feature – Enhance the chat and rebrand it to Group Chat

Feature - Allow printing of multiple flows in 1 PDF file, web version.

Feature - Added ability to create a flow in a different workflow.

Feature – Added Spanish and Rassian support

Feature - Added ability to define the workflow language ( overriding the user   language).

Feature – Enhance support for RTL and LTR languages.

Feature - Add ability to define the font and the colour  in a document.

Feature - Add ability to define the flow header based of up to 4 fields from the flow documents

Feature - Add ability to have 2 dropdown lists connected so when a value is selected on the first dropdown list, only a pre-set of values are shown on the 2nd dropdown list.

Feature - Added full dynamic field validation in a document.


Fixed – Loading issue on some Android models

Fixed  -   duplicates of document were created in a flow.

Fixed -  Press on notification  to open the flow directly.

Fixed -   Return to the same place on the screen  after viwing a picture

Fixed -    Remove the Load More option once all the flows in a station are shown, web version.

Fixed -Reduce font size of flow headers to allow more text to be shown at the header.

Fixed  - Allow to open a flow from the search results (Web version).

Fixed - Allow viewing PDF documents that were attached from the Web on the mobile.



Join thousands of users who already downloaded the app. Free trial and templates are available to download at

Android :



How to sign for Briefery ?


Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the registration wizard.


Do I need to provide credit card details ?


No need for credit card details at time of sign up. You have 30 days to try the app and need to pay only after you have found it beneficial for your needs.


Does Briefery have a work station version ?


Yes, after you configure the system on your mobile, you can log into the web version at the following address:

But really, with Briefery, you can be 100% Mobile.


How do I configure my workflow ?


There are 3 main ways to configure your workflows:

  1. Select a template from the template library that is similar to your workflow and then adjusting it to your needs.

  2. Build the workflow from scratch.

  3. Drop us a short description of your workflow and we will build it for you free of charge.


Can I have more than one workflow ?


Yes, you can have as many as you need.


How do I start to edit a workflow ?


To edit a workflow, you need to select the workflow on the main screen of the mobile phone, and on the next screen, at the bottom right side of the screen, look for the    icon and press it.


What are the basic blocks of a workflow ?


There are 3 elements in Briefery workflow:

  1. Stations – the timeline of the work to be done

  2. Actions – jobs to be done at each station

  3. Documents – forms to be filled by users at different stations of the work


How do I start a new flow/work in a workflow ?


To start a new flow/work, you need to select the workflow on the main screen of the mobile phone, and on the next screen, at the bottom right side of the screen, look for the plus icon (the one just at the corner)    and press it (the background colour might be different as it uses the workflow background).

What kind of reports can I generate?


You can export the data to CSV/Excel

You can generate a PDF out of the data

We support MS Power BI. You can use your own account or ours on the cloud to generate reports and dashboards, high level or drill down instantly. . 

Why use Briefery if I have ERP/CRM?

See a short video Briefery VS ERP


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