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 Briefery is quick to adapt & deploy

Briefery engine is using:

workflow templates,
BI and analytics for quick adaptation to operations' processes and rapid deployment.


A typical workflow is deployed in hours, while complex workflow can take up to 1 week.

Build Your Own App Instantly

Unlimited Flexibility

Operations workflow management platform that adapts to your organization and automates your business processes. 

- Checklist 

- Order processes

- Regulation forms

- Ticketing

- Real-time issue tracking

- Sensors and IOT

- Machine Learning

- Business Intelligence.

+ More

Reduce Noise. 

Let the Work Flow. 

Easily create custom workflows that fit your processes using the forms and terminology that you already know and love.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 13.42.55_edite
Briefery Workflow

Manage & Create Data.

Documents and forms are at the heart of the organization, that's why we know that a solid and flexible document and form management is required to a successful workflow

Drag. Drop. Done.

Automate and integrate actions with in your workflows use action-bots from the library or create custom logic

- Zappier Integration

- Real-time notifications

- Signature request

- Much more...

Setting a Briefery Workflow
Setting a document template  in Briefery

Business Analytics.

Instantly collect data through any process in your business, analyze the metrics against your KPIs and identify any anomalies, bottlenecks and and inefficiencies in your process.



Email, Websites, Crestron, Paessler - PRTG, GENESYS,  Sales Force + more

"Briefery was quick and easy to adapt and deploy, it added flexibility to our regional managers monitoring the gas stations and convenience stores.”

Yossi Bichler, Manager Keshet Unit, Paz Oil Company

Briefery keeps your workers
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