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Truck Company Use Case

The Pain


Truck companies’ operation is a complex task. It requires management of large fleet and large number of drivers, at times, spread over multiple locations and always on the go. It also entails crucial safety procedures and regulation and corporate policy compliance. 


Briefery’s Solution


Briefery provides an easy and intuitive solution for operation of your truck company. The no-code application is easy to customise and is running on mobile and desktop, enabling your drivers to comply with policy, safety and regulation requirements and for your managers to have real time view and reports of the status and the daily on-going assignments.


Below is a sample use case of one company, this can easily be adopted to your way of operating your company.

Start of Day Check List:

Enables to force Safety, Regulation and Corporate policy. If a problem is reported, it will automatically open a ticket, route it to the proper user within the operations, and track the ticket until it is resolved.

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