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Briefery - No-code, Intuitive Workflow

Automation and Collaboration app

The Need


Organizations and IT departments with common ERPs, CRMs can’t provide solution for each departmental needs because of complexity and cost.

As a result, according to Gartner Inc. report, 60% of work today is unstructured and not managed by the organization’s software but instead is done thru emails, spreadsheets, whiteboards and phone calls.

There is a need for a simple way to quickly build and adapt workflows in a way that does not involved the IT department and does not require large budget.


Briefery’s Solution


Briefery provides an easy and intuitive solution for building workflow automation applications. The no-code application is easy to customize and is running on mobile, desktop, cloud or on-premise. The App enables a structured way to manage departments’ workflows like any checklist, problem tickets, enforcing corporate policies, safety and regulation reviews, project management and report in real time any anomaly in the organization that needs special attention.


What is unique about Briefery solution is the Mobile Cult Approach. Briefery is the only workflow app that can be fully configured and operated using just the mobile device.


The Mobile approach allows the build and the configurations to happen within the business users’ own environment and on their mobile device. There is no need for a “meeting” at the office using a Desktop or a Developer to make changes. No need to wait for it to be released and then check that it delivers the expected user experience. Change are visible immediately as you change, on the fly and on the used mobile device.   

This mobile approach forces a simple, intuitive and easy to configure application. Typically, a user can get their initial workflow up and running within 30 minutes.


Market Segments and Applications


Retail Chains (order tracking, policy compliance) 

Restaurants and hospitality (checklist, daily inventory, orders management) 

Ticket Tracking (call center, network monitoring, CRM triggered)

Service companies

Property Management

Construction Project management 

Transportation and Fleet management

IoT Monitoring and Support









Instant Mobile app builder

No - Code, document, checklist and workflow builder

Unlimited number of documents and workflows

Unlimited permission profiles

Spaces for groups or departments 

Automation of workflows

Notification according to progress in workflows

Flag/Task every document line for further action

In-flow chat

User and flow labels

Email integration

PDF and CSV/Excel reporting

Web Version

Organization’s software integration (CRM, ERP - option)

IoT and Network controller integration (option)


Use Case Example - Open Tickets Tracking


A fortune 500 company who is using one of the leading CRMs with offices globally. Their customers open tickets at the Company’s Headquarters.

The problem is that the remote branches don’t like using the CRM, especially the technical team. As result HQ need to manually call and verify that the Technical team had received the new ticket, were meeting their SLA and resolving the problem.

With Briefery’s automated process, when a ticket is opened at HQ, an email is automatically sent from the CRM to Briefery; this triggers the relevant workflow. When the technician completes the work and makes the update using their mobile phone, the closing report is updated within the CRM automatically via the CRM’s API.

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