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Use Case – Energy Company

A quick setup for checklist application


The Customer – An Energy Company with Hundreds of Convenience Stores & Oil and Gas Stations    


Key Points:

  • Meeting regulation requirements

  • Meeting Safety Requirements

  • Corporate Policy Compliance

  • Identifying problems in real time

  • Structured regulation reviews

  • Structured reporting and documentation of problems 


The Need –  

1. The Energy Company has hundreds of locations nationwide. The locations are being reviewed once a month for safety,        regulations compliance, corporate policy enforcement and for identifying problems and routing those in the operations for      the fastest resolution.

2. Each of the company supervisors is overlooking and reviewing approximately 20 locations monthly.  The review requires      to check and report hundreds of items.

3. Previous solution required filling the review using a laptop that was connected online to the company’s ERP.

4. The problem was that WiFI was not always available at the reviewed locations and then the supervisors would need to        go to paper work and re-enter the data again at the office.

5. The Questioner requires to inspect throughout the location (indoor and outdoor) and carrying a laptop is inconvenient.

6. The laptop application does not support camera or video documentation which is often required.


Briefery Solution –

  • The checklist was created within couple of hours in Briefery with simple workflow.

  • The inspectors are using their smartphones to enter the data and to take location, pictures or video when needed. The smartphones operate either on the WiFI or the 3G/4G network. The app supports offline mode as well for rare instances that both WiFI and 3G/4G networks are not available.

  • Notifications and tasks are created to the relevant people in the operations for any problem found.

  • The workflow follows the open ticket until the problem is resolved.

  • A dashboard view presents all flows and open tickets

  • The entered data is routed to the CRM for future reference


Briefery added synchronisation and agility to the operations. Corporate policies, regulation and safety requirements are enforced. The supervisors can document much better any issue and resolving an open issue cycle, is much faster.

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